2-child guarantee

All of us at Real Nappies sat around and wondered how we could convince you that Real Nappies are awesome if we don’t back them ourselves?

So, we decided to offer you the best Guarantee in the Industry…

We guarantee our covers and nappies for 2 babies, or we’ll replace them!

What’s covered under the Guarantee?

  • velcro that is coming off, broken or unstitched
  • stitching coming loose
  • holes or tears in fabric
  • flaws in the manufacture
  • velcro that has physically lost its ‘teeth’ and is therefore no longer sticking (lint build up is not covered)

What’s not covered under the Guarantee?

  • normal wear and tear
  • fading
  • staining
  • pilling
  • repelling : lack of absorption on your cotton nappies (probably due to detergent build up)
  • loss of waterproofness on your covers (probably from detergent build up, see our FAQs for tips to strip the covers)
  • loss of waterproofness due to soaking covers
  • lint build up
  • laundry tabs (these are not made of velcro)

Easy care…

Real Nappies are easy to look after with regular care, small amount of detergent and machine washing. We recommend the occasional hot wash to remove any detergent residue.

You can machine or line dry but there are a few No-No’s to follow:


  • bleach
  • vinegar (NOTE: We do suggest occasionally adding 1/2 cup of vinegar to the first rinse cycle in order to remove any residual detergent when washing your cotton nappies. This deodorizes, sanitizes and brightens your cotton nappies, and will not affect your warranty. Vinegar is NOT recommended to be used on your covers.)
  • fabric softeners
  • washing powder with enzymes or other additives
  • NEVER soak your covers
  • whitening agents
  • soap flakes or borax
  • nappy creams (please use a liner to protect your nappies if you wish to use creams)

BE CAREFUL: particularly of home made detergents, products such as Borax used on the cover will break down the PUL and the elastic.

Terms and conditions:

Real Nappies products are made from premium quality materials and we are proud to provide this guarantee so that you can save even more by using them not just for one child, but for your second child as well. This replacement guarantee is based on items being washed every two days, not more frequently, and covers stitching, elastic, fastenings, any manufacturing defects. It requires the use of the recommended minimum numbers of nappy covers (minimum 6 ) and cloth nappy inserts (minimum: 24 Newborn, 24 Infant, 18 Crawler, 12 Toddler) at each size. This warranty only applies to nappies and covers bought directly from our website. This warranty does not apply to nappies or covers bought second hand from Trade Me or similar. This warranty only applies to cotton prefolds manufactured by Real Nappies or Real Snug Wrap Covers manufactured by Real Nappies.

If you do experience a failure with a Real Nappies product, please contact us at info@realnappies.com with the details. We may require the return of the item and the proof of your purchase. Returned items must be in a clean, washed and dry condition.


If you wish to make a claim under our 2-Child Guarantee.  Please CLICK HERE