It’s such an exciting time when you’ve a new baby on the way. You want to have everything ready and feel prepared. There is so much to buy, so many options, so much confusion… Don’t worry, we have a lay-by answer for you.

Our Baby Planner helps you get organised in plenty of time, ensuring you can reserve and budget for larger, more significant baby items and essentials.

Baby Planner is currently only available at Expos and Baby Shows by paying the deposit at the stand.

How it works

Choose from our wide selection of baby essential products, including anything on our website. Spread the cost over a period of up to six months, and as soon as it’s paid off, have your lay-by items delivered straight to your door, free of charge!


Simply go to our website, select the items you would like and add to cart. When you have got everything in your cart that you desire for your bub to be, go to the Checkout and under the payment options, simply select ‘Baby Planner’. We will then set you up on a payment plan so that you can pay off your amount over the next 6 months.

Making changes to your Plan

If you wish to add to your plan, you can make changes at any time before making your final payment. If you choose to cancel your plan, we do reserve the right to hold onto 15% of your order total from the payments you have already made. Please understand we have to do this to cover our admin costs, not to be mean.

Lay-by Fees

There are none! That’s right – nil, nada, nothing – we don’t charge you a cent because we want to make preparing for baby easier and more stress free.

Pay your plan

Once you have selected to use Baby Planner we will send you an invoice and you need to pay a 10% deposit within the first week.  Otherwise the plan becomes void and your items will be restocked in our inventory.  After you have paid the initial 10% you can then pay as often as you want (fortnightly, monthly, weekly) and as much as you want each time for the 6 months of the plan.  We will send you a monthly statement telling you how much you have paid and how much is owing so that you can keep on track of your spending.


  • Lay-by is only available within Australia and New Zealand.
  • A minimum spend of $150 is required.
  • Items will not be shipped until entire amount has been paid off.
  • If you cancel, we charge an admin fee of 15% of order total.
  • Lay-by must be paid off within 6 months from date of order.
  • Must pay a 25% deposit.
  • Only available at Expos if paying at the stand.