Past the newborn stage, but still wanting to get going with cloth nappies

If you already have baby here and you've been using something else up until now, and now you are ready to commit to cloth nappies, our Infant to Potty Pack is the answer.

Note: This pack contains no newborn size nappies
If you need are looking for cloth nappies from birth, click here

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Sit back and relax

While pregnant there was so much to think about and plan, you grabbed a few nappies and decided to started with those. Or you tried out some of our Newborn size and found they work for you.  Now you are wanting to commit to cloth nappies, which is why we put together our Infant to Potty Pack.  We realise you have passed the newborn stage and don't need that size, so we took our Award-winning Birth to Potty pack, and adjusted it for those who want the deal, but don't need the smallest size. This pack contains all the supplies you need to nappy your child from infant size till they are out of nappies!  Plus they are guaranteed for 2 babies!

The Infant to Potty pack includes:

  • Organic Cloth Nappy Inserts: 24 x Infant, 18 x Crawler, 12 x Toddler.  Breathable and divinely soft.  You will fall in love with our 100% cotton prefolds, soft and snug for a newborn to soft and super absorbent for a toddler. Prefolds are unbleached and made with Organic cotton.
  • Real Snug Wraps: 6 x Infant, 6 x Crawler, 5 x Toddler. Perfectly sized for brand new babies through to busy toddlers, our wraps are snug and soft allowing tiny to toddler legs to move about with comfort. 
  • Nappy Fresh Sanitiser x 2.  We adore our gentle, eco whitener.  Sanitise and whiten baby’s nappies or clothes naturally.
  • Swim Nappy x 1.  Our super cool Splash Wraps are divine, super soft terry towelling keeps baby comfortable and gives mum peace of mind at the pool.
  • Night Time Booster Pads x 2.  Great for when baby is sleeping through the night and needs extra absorbency – these thirsty boosters will keep even the heaviest wetter comfortable and leak free till morning.
  • Bioliner Nappy Liners: 6 packs of 100.  Make clean-up a breeze - get rid of the smells with these super soft liners made of corn.
  • Helpful User Guide x 1.  In need of a H.U.G, we’ve got one all wrapped up in this delightful user guide.
  • Now also includes... Laundry Bag x1.  Fantastic for your wet/dirty nappies when you are out and about.

 Note: Only the prefolds are organic in our packs.


If you are not looking for Organic - check out our Infant to Potty Pack, which contains our plain white prefolds.