Joanna - 21st Jun 2023

Outlasts other brands

I've used Real Nappies prefolds for both my children, but somehow ended up with 1 size from a different brand of prefolds, and these haven't lasted at all for 2 children! They are now only good for rags. The Real Nappies prefolds, on the other hand, still look as good as new. Highly recommend as an economical way to start using cloth nappies.

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"I’m really enjoying using Real Nappies on our babe, they’re so easy and actually less laundry compared to disposables because we have no leaks, yay! Contrary to popular belief, I have no problem using them when we go out or stay away from home. It’s great to have such a reliable product, one thing that makes being a new parent easier."

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How to use cloth nappies while camping.

☀️ Ah summer holidays for some of us rhymes with camping holidays ⛺️ So if you have a baby in nappies, what's the go in that situation? Can it be done? How hard is it? Should you bother? Are probably some of the questions circling your mind. Well, I have done a fair bit of family camping over the years and can share some insights depending on va...
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