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I have been very happy with this starter pack. I love knowing the material of the prefold inserts is good for my daughter’s skin. The covers are easy to wash and dry quickly and there are definitely enough inserts to go for a couple of days. I am planning to keep using the inserts once my daughter is too big for the covers. I’m also thinking of buying another pack of a bigger size for later as I feel organic cotton is the best for baby’s bum.

Very disappointed

The velcro is already not sticking well and the elastic is gone lose....

Hi Nakita, our FAQ section has good info about how to keep your velcro in top shape. We would love to resolve the issues you are having, please contact us directly.

Fantastic little doohickey. Glad I bought 2

Booster Pads (2-pack)
Claire McMillan Tippett
Very very absorbent

Definitely increase the absorbency of the nappy - very thick, very thirsty


We had some second hand ones, which had perishing elastics (4-5 kids will do that). We bought the largest size for our 6 month old, which is a loose fit, but doesn’t leak. It fits over any night nappy too. Highly recommend as the largest cover you can get anywhere.

The best nappies I've ever used

I just purchased your nappies a few weeks ago and I am amazed by them. They wash so well and dry like a dream. Easy to clean too. If I could, I'd go back in time and buy these with my first child. 5 children later and I finally found the best nappies I've ever used. I want to tell all the mums I meet about them...

Love these!

I found these prefolds after trialing some other MCN options and these are my favourite nappy set up. They are great quality, easy to use, spot on sizing and quick to dry. I'm on the website now planning to buy some more so we can have these as our primary nappy choice!

Very happy with these covers!

These covers fit over the prefolds perfectly. They’re a nice thick, good quality fabric and the Velcro makes it easy to fit - it’s also very strong so there’s no concern about them coming undone or bubs being able to undo their nappy. The laundry tabs are a clever and convenient idea!

Great product

These nappy covers are a good size. Not too bulky but big enough to fit my active toddler comfortably. The Velcro makes it easy to adjust to the perfect fit.

Excellent addition to nappy bag

Excellent for in the nappy bag for changes on the go. Keeps dirty nappies and clothes separate from everything else. Can also attach to outside of bag or pram with the quick snap handle. Great pattern too

Convenient and Easy to Use

Great having the prefold inserts as not much to getting the nappy ready for use on child. Did need to watch the video on different folding techniques for boys as the way we were showed was very bulky and bubs didn't like it very much. Easy to clean and quick to dry

Snug and Comfortable Fit

Great sizing for bubs, we have a 4 month old whose nearing 8kg and these still fit him comfortably. No leaks or escaping explosions. Great investment.


Getting this bundle deal is a great way to start out on the cloth nappy journey with everything you need at a bundle price instead of getting each stage separately. We went with the infant to potty bundle as we were already past the newborn stage but wish we had started out sooner so easy to use

Outlast other brands

I've used Real Nappies prefolds for both my children, but somehow ended up with 1 size from a different brand of prefolds, and these haven't lasted at all for 2 children! They are now only good for rags. The Real Nappies prefolds, on the other hand, still look as good as new. Highly recommend as an economical way to start using cloth nappies.

Great liners

These liners are strong but ok to be flushed as well. Can re use them if you put them through your wash too

Best nappies!

We love these nappies. The prefolds are very absorbent and dry quickly. We used these 12 years ago for our first and passed them on to many other babies. They last and last and don't go smelly or stain. With our surprise second baby, we didn't hesitate to buy these again (the first lot having been passed on so much that we didn't know where they had got to). So easy to use and we love that they haven't got microfibre. Working fine overnight with the newborn, but definitely needed boosters for our first as she got older.

Nappy Liners (bulk buy)
Adina Howie
The Best

I got those originally included into my bundle. As I ran out I got replacement liners from little Genie brand which in comparison kept babies bottom wet during use. These ones somehow pull the liquids thru and seem to stay dry despite of the nappy being wet. Also I hand wash them and can use each sheet a good 3 tines. And of course they make it super easy for number twos. Thanks for a selling a great product. I won't buy another brand again.

Forever Pegs - Marine Grade
Ruby tiller

super sturdy and holds everything snug without ruining anything even on those windy days


I have two very heavy wetters and these boosters have stopped any leaks through the night. they are amazing super absorbent and have saved many mid night changes. super happy.

Super cute

Very cute swim nappy, great to take baby swimming without worrying about leaks. Washes well too.

Nappy Fresh Washing Powder (6-pack)
Really works!

Nappies come out clean and fresh every time, and still look like new after heavy use. Super easy too - no messing around with soaking, making cloth nappies a much more appealing option, even when travelling.


These are absolutely fantastic! My baby is now sleeping through the night (yay!) and the booster pad stops her waking up wet. We haven't had any issues with nappy rash either, which really surprised me with the nappy being on for so long overnight. Happy baby, very happy mama!

Good quality

The actual napkins are of very good quality and my baby loves it and I use it day and night
washing easily and dry quickly.

Mini Kit Reusable Wipes

These wipes are awesome! So convenient, once used I just pop them in the bucket with the dirty nappies then wash them all together. The travel bags are great for nappy changes away from home. I honestly don't know why anyone would spend a fortune on disposables instead.


Love theses wraps, super roomy to fit an active two year old. Good coverage and sit nice and high