It’s easy to get started with Real Nappies: all you need are our bright and beautiful Snug Wrap Nappy Covers and soft snuggly Prefold Inserts.

Our Nappies come in four different sizes to always get a great fit on your baby.

Real Nappies Sizes


You can buy covers separately or in cost saving bundles of 6. And inserts come in bags of six.  Everything is sold separately, but you can save more by buying in bundles. All bundles are available with Cotton or Organic Cotton option.

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Starting from newborn?

Birth to Potty Pack

The best pack for if you want to start cloth nappies and have a newborn baby or you have a baby on the way.  This pack has everything you need to have your baby in cloth full time, and it lasts throughout your baby's lifetime in nappies - right up to potty training.  This is the most economical and convenient pack to buy.  We've taken all the guess work out of how many nappies you need by putting it all together for you.  It even includes all the accessories you need to ensure you are well set up!

Choose to start from newborn size (approx. 2.5 – 6kg) or infant size (approx. 5 – 9kg).

Want to use cloth full time?

Newborn Starter Pack or Infant Starter Pack

The Starter Pack is excellent if you want a ready-pack to start full time cloth nappy from newborn (approx. 2.5 – 6kg) or infant size (approx. 5 – 9kg) but you are not ready to commit to a full Birth to Potty Pack.


Mixed Bundle Deal

The Mixed Bundle Deal is excellent if you need a variety of sizes in one convenient pack or if you want to use cloth nappies full time with one baby and buy sizes as you go along.  This pack allows you to mix and match colours and choose different sizes.  This pack gives you the greatest customisation.


  • 24 x Prefold Inserts (in 4 packs of 6, you choose the sizes)
  • 7 x Real Nappies Snug Wraps (you choose the colours and sizes)
  • 1 x Snappi Nappy Fastener (you choose the colour) OR 1 rolls of 100 biodegradable Nappy Liners made from corn.

  • Want to use cloth part time or add to your stash?

    Top Up Pack

    This pack is a great pack to either get you started or add to your existing stash of cloth nappies. Maybe you want to extend the time between washes or use our system mixed with others. Then this is a great start.


    3x Snug Wrap Covers (you choose the colours and sizes)
    12x Prefold Inserts (in 4 packs of 6, you choose the sizes)
    *Note this pack does not come with Nappy Liners.

    Want to just do a trial for a newborn or infant?

    Intro Pack

    This pack is a great pack to just get a feel for these nappies and try them out for a Newborn or Infant. Choose between Cotton or Organic Cotton.


    1x Snug Wrap Covers (you choose the colour and size)
    6x Prefold Inserts (you choose the sizes)
    1x roll of 100 biodegradable Nappy Liners made from corn.

    Tip: All of our packs allow for customisation of colours.