The many uses of a prefold

Prefolds are great.  They are super absorbent, super soft and they have many many uses.  We love prefolds and I take one everywhere.  Truely!  I have them in my car, in my house, at the grandparents house, in my change bag… everywhere.  Why?  Well, here’s a short list of 30 great uses for a prefold, including for when you are past the baby stage. 


  1. As a nappy - obviously, and if you’ve finished with your prefolds, pass them on to a friend for her baby.
  2. Extra absorbency in the nappy.  If you’ve passed the newborn stage and you want a bit of extra padding or absorbancy, just add the Newborn prefold on top of your current size one for extra absorbency.
  3. Burp cloths - chuck one over your shoulder as you burp bubba to make sure you don’t get a mess on yourself.
  4. Mess cloths - great for cleaning up anything and everything, but we found them particularly useful during toilet training days when accidents happened or learning to eat stage when food ends up on the floor.
  5. Potty Carpet protector - We used a Toddler sized prefold under the potty when our toddler was potty training.
  6. Carseat protector - again, great for toilet training.  In fact, while toilet training I had a prefold on hand all the time.
  7. Nursing cover - if you wanted to give yourself a little extra privacy, a larger one would give that extra bit of coverage.
  8. Change table cover - while at home in case of accidents on the table, or even while out and about to give a little extra lining between bub and the shopping centre change table.
  9. Rags - make great cleaning cloths.
  10. Windscreen cleaner - on those cold mornings getting rid of excess moisture on the windscreen - a prefold beats a towel or teatowel any day (I know, I’ve tested).
  11. Heatpack cover
  12. Ice pack cover
  13. Dust cloths
  14. Grocery cart seat cover - particularly if the trolleys have been out in the rain when you come to do your shop
  15. Pillow protector from a sick child
  16. Cleaning towel - for artists, mechanics….
  17. Slide cleaner - so many times I’ve arrived at the park and the slide/seasaw/swing is wet.
  18. Table protector from hot pots
  19. Sweat rag
  20. Rolled under the car seat for getting the right angle
  21. Inserts for pocket nappies.
  22. If you’re good at sewing - turn them into training pants, bibs, quilt, mattress topper, nursing pads….
  23. Baby doll blanket
  24. Pet bedding
  25. Packing material
  26. As a mop head
  27. Dog chew toy - tie in knots
  28. Shade in carseat window
  29. Mum bib to protect clothing while applying make-up
  30. Shred and compost


Have you got any more or better ideas?  Leave a comment below and let us know how you use your prefolds.